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Thank you for your interest in Seedcare Chair socks and welcome to our shop!!
These are light grey machine washable socks that will keep your floors scratch-free! Soft, flexible fabric socks fit easily over round, square and wheels legs, not only for protecting floors from scuffs and marks and also reduce noise when move around your furniture.

Color: Light grey
Layers: Double layer
Elasticity :High
Leg round size: 2-20 cm ( 1 - 9 inch)
Price: The price is for one sock.

Materials: All socks are made with top quality woolen and acrylic!!

FLAT RATE SHIPPING: Any additional prints in the same order at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!


Q: What size and shape furniture legs do SeedCare Chair socks fit on?
A: Our socks fit furniture legs from approximately 1 to 9 inches (2-20 cm) in diameter most kinds leg shapes, which works on the same way as human socks.

Q: Will SeedCare Chair socks slip off?
A: The SeedCare Chair socks are very thick and elastic, it will stick with leg tightly. 

Q: Can SeedCare Chair socks be cleaned?
A: Yes, they are machine washable. Cold water wash is mandantory and  recommended to wash them in a mesh bag. Please avoid dryer but leave them dry naturally.
Q: Does SeedCare Chair socks work better than sticker pad?
A: Absolutly.

Striped Dark Chair socks- Christmas gift /New home gift / uniq

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